2015 Wisconsin Tribal Transportation Safety Summit


PI:  John Velat

By leveraging existing expertise and relationships, Michigan Tech TTAP staff will conduct outreach and marketing via email, telephone, fax, and Web-based systems to consult with WISDOT & the Wisconsin Tribal Task Force and recruit participants in a Planning Team made up of stakeholders from tribal, state, local, and federal agencies. In consultation with the Planning Team, TTAP will conduct the following activities to prepare for the 2015 WITTSS:

  1. Determine tribal, local, state, and federal goals of the Summit
  2. Align goals and activities with federal safety initiatives
  3. Work with all stakeholders to develop an agenda and invite speakers who will contribute to the overall Summit goals
  4. Identify the desired date and location of the summit
  5. Research existing and potential safety resources, programs, and initiatives; previously held tribal, local, federal, and state safety events; and safety research relevant to the Summit
  6. Identify participants and groups who can provide relevant safety program information and experience
  7. Arrange for all logistical aspects of the summit as guided by the event planning committee
  8. Encourage stakeholders to actively participate in the Summit
  9. Contact and encourage participation by at least one representative from every Tribe within the State to participate in the event
  10. Adapt the planning process as necessary to reflect changing needs
John Velat
John Velat