Transportation and the Environment

The environment working group focuses on the environmental impacts of transportation on ecological systems including vegetation, wildlife and human health as well as the impacts of carbon dioxide emissions, acidification, road de-icers, fugitive dust, smog and other environmental impacts.
Research opportunities range from directly assessing the impacts of road on wildlife to the interaction between road construction and weed ecology, construction of wildlife mortality mitigation structures and the effects of new technologies on reduction of runoff contaminants.

Active Research Projects


Sustainable Geotechnical Asset Management along the Transportation Infrastructure Environment Using Remote Sensing

Washington State route 410 slope failure October 2009 Published Aug 2015 by Thomas Oommen, Colin Brooks , Pasi Lautala , Stan Vitton

Rail Embankment Stabilization Needs on the Hudson Bay Railway

Hudson Bay train Published Dec 2015 by Thomas Oommen

Completed Research Projects

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