Improving Log Transportation with Data Based Monitoring and Analysis in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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University of Wisconsin-Superior

Minimizing transportation costs is essential in the forest products industry, but understanding of system inefficiencies requires sufficient data. While most individual forest products companies collect data on origins and destinations of truck trips, little is known about the actual movements in between.

One alternative to collect data on truck movements is with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) data receivers. The objective of this research is to use inexpensive GPS tracking devices to analyze truck movements and using data to identify potential improvements to the performance of log
transportation system in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The research included three major steps within its one year time frame:
(1) selecting GPS technology and performing a pilot test,

(2) first round of data collection and analysis for any improvement opportunity to be implemented in next round,

(3) second round of data collection, analysis and conclusions.

Three industrial companies participated with the research team to set up GPS devices inside their designated trucks

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May, 2011