EAGER: Using Nonmetals Separated from E-Waste and Waste Plastic Bags in Improving the Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Materials

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

PI: Zhanping You

The objective of this EAGER project is to investigate the possibility of improving the mechanical properties of asphalt materials with the use of nonmetals separated from E-waste (e.g., computers, monitors, keyboard, cameras, TVs, etc.) and waste plastic bags (e.g., grocery bags). E-waste and waste plastic bags are recycled materials that have potential to be used in asphalt materials. The research work will include shredding of the non-metallic separations and waste plastic bags into powders and particles, mixing the powder-like polymers and particles to modify selected asphalt materials in the laboratory, and evaluation of the mechanical properties of the modified asphalt.

Through its integrated research and educational plan, this project will advance discovery and understanding of infrastructural materials, while promoting teaching, training, and learning – impacting underrepresented high school students and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals from industry and the government. This project will directly benefit society through improved transportation systems and lower infrastructure costs. The project also leads to collaborative efforts with a historically black Carnegie doctoral/research intensive public institution, Jackson State University.

Zhanping You
Zhanping You