I-Corps: Decision Support Systems for Managers of Civil Infrastructure Systems

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

PI: Amlan Mukherjee

The proposed technology is a methodology to assess alternative infrastructure management strategies based on project cost, system performance and estimates of greenhouse emissions. The supporting methods include stochastic analysis, life cycle assessment and Monte Carlo simulation based approaches. The technology is designed to address the problems of reducing life cycle emissions of civil infrastructure systems, helping agencies provide a consistent level of service, while optimally using available resources for construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. This is particularly significant given the twin challenges of climate change, and ongoing shortfalls in state and federal budget appropriations for public works. Finally, the underlying theory and methods are mathematically sophisticated and data intensive, and not easy for decision-makers to implement without significant training. The proposed technology promises efficient implementation by providing an innovative product/service that is reliable and intuitive, and has a friendly and easy to use interface.

Civil infrastructure systems are critical to socioeconomic success. Services such as access to clean drinking water, efficient sewer and waste management, easy mobility and access to multiple modes of transportation provide the backbone for multiple supply chains, besides supporting a healthy standard of living. Challenges due to climate change, aging infrastructure, and the impact of the economic crisis on local and state budgets are hurting the efficient delivery of these services. By providing support to decision-makers the proposed technology is likely to have a significant impact on maintaining and managing infrastructure sustainably.

Amlan Mukherjee
Amlan Mukherjee