Low Emission Asphalt Pavements with Crumb Rubber


PI:  Zhanping You

This project will conduct comprehensive evaluations on the CRM WMA for pavements in the State of Michigan.  The main objective of this project is to develop and apply low emission asphalt pavement technology through the combination of crumb rubber and warm mix asphalt and to evaluate the feasibility of CRM WMA with respect to performance improvement, emission reduction, and cost effectiveness. The performance of CRM WMA will be evaluated through laboratory and field testing. The emission reduction will be assessed through laboratory and plant emission measurements. The environmental impact of the CRM asphalt mixtures will be evaluated through LCA, while the cost effectiveness will be evaluated through LCCA.

The evaluation includes performance improvements, emission reduction, life cycle environmental impact assessment, and life cycle cost analysis. If it shows that the CRM WMA is a feasible option after the evaluation, it is anticipated the CRM WMA can have more applications in the future. And therefore a sustainable market for scrap tires can be developed in Michigan. In this project, we anticipate the CO2 output for the designed materials will be reduced by up to 30% and other volatiles will be reduced by up to 30% as well, while the engineering parameters of the pavement meet or exceed the pavement agency’s goal.

Zhanping You
Zhanping You