Michigan Local Bridge Load Rating Support & Technology Transfer


Photo: State of Michigan

PI:  Tim Colling

This project provides Michigan local agencies and the consultants that serve them with the support and training necessary to ensure that they can be successful in meeting the new bridge load rating and requirements.  Through this program, MDOT plans to maximize the chance of success for local agencies meeting the load rating requirements by providing support in three areas; training, software technical support and engineering technical assistance.

The desired result of the work plan is successful completion of load rating for Tier 1, 2 and 3 local agency owned bridges within their designated time limits as agreed upon by MDOT and FHWA.

The work plan consists of six major tasks:

  1. Bridge load rating training development and delivery
  2. Software technical support
  3. Engineering technical assistance
  4. Research/development assistance
  5. Internal staff training
  6. Project management, reporting and project meetings


Tim Colling
Tim Colling
Chris Gilbertson
Chris Gilbertson