Requests for Internal Proposals

Request for Internal Proposals -

One of the functions of the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) is the development of exploratory projects and larger initiatives that eventually increase overall research funding to the University. Mechanisms for the accomplishment of this are start-up funding and staff assistance.

This is an invitation to participate with MTTI and is open to researchers in all disciplines with interests related to transportation. Transportation today is not just planes, trains, automobiles, roads and bridges.

Topics can include, but are not limited to: livability, space, pipelines, unmanned aerial vehicles, big data, communications, safety, intelligent transportation systems, environment, intermodal, business, bicycles, waterways, the Apple car, etc—the field of transportation is quite broad.

Seed funding is available for exploratory projects that are expected to have a defined set of deliverables that will be provided when the activity is complete.Those deliverables should relate to future proposal activity enabled by this MTTI seed funding. Seed funding proposals require matching funds from some other source and are generally one to two-year projects.

Major initiatives are larger, often highly collaborative activities that generate resources in the form of long-term external funding and conceivably lead to stable programs or centers that provide for the common good of the University.

This stability could even be in the form of endowments or grants. For example, it is quite common for commercial supporters to provide grants rather than (research) projects. As a side note, these major initiatives would not necessarily require matching funds and it is expected that the funded activity would be of a longer term.

More detailed definitions of the two categories and an example of a successfully funded major initiative can be found on the MTTI website under the heading Initiative Funding.

Current MTTI funded initiative projects can be found online.

Submission of a short proposal, two to three pages, can be submitted to Pam Hannon. The proposal will be reviewed by the MTTI director and executive committee. Additional information is generally required as is as a meeting with the executive committee.

If you have questions, contact Pam Hannon at or 7-3065. There are no deadlines for proposal submission. This is an ongoing invitation.