Pending Project Proposals

Principle Investigator CoPI Title
Q. Dai   CAREER:  Multiscale Mechanical & Thermal Properties
P. Lautala Sanders, Havens, Oommen, Jeon NURail Tier I
T. Ahlborn C. Brooks Evaluation of Bridge Decks Using NDE
P. Lautala D. Nelson, M. Jeon Research Utilizing the SHRP2 Safety Data to Support Highway Safety
C. Gilbertson A. Barajas Update TRAC Program
J. Chadde   CFIRE UTC
J. Velat D. Nelson, S. Bershing Research Program Services
J. Velat   2015 National Tribal Transportation Conference
S. Bershing   WI InterTribal Task Force Survey
T. Colling J. Kiefer TAMC 2015
Z. Liu P. Xue, J. Meldrum, Vitton Scientific Understanding of Mine Water as a Geotherma Resource
Z. Liu   Exploratory Investigation into Multi-Scale Multiphysics for Thermally Induced Water Flux
J. Velat A. Kerttu MNTTC 2015
Q. Dai   CR:  Optimal Internal Curing in Concrete Using Engineered Cenospherses
T. Oommen   Advancing Landslide Life Cycle Monitoring & Prediction Using Satellite Remote Sensing
T. Colling Schlaff, Peterson, Koszykowski RoadSoft Asset Management System Development & Support
T. Colling Koszykowski 2016 MERL Development & Support
Z. Liu   Scientific Understanding of Phase Interaction Multiphase Porous Materials Using Particle Hydrodynamics
L. Sutter Z. You TMRC 
Z. You   Foamed Rubber Asphalt Overlay Construction with Recycled Subbase
Q. Dai Z. You Development and Field Application of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Increased Rubber Particle Content and Fibers Recovered from Waste Tires
X. Tian Z. You, Q. Dai, D. Porter, X. Yang Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt Emulsion for Pavement Preservation
P. Lautala   Asset Management Strategies for Maintenance and Preservation of New City Interpassenger Car Fleet
P. Lautala   NURail Tier I
K. Zhang Y. Li Coordinated Transit Response Planning and Operations Support Tools for Mitigating Impacts of All Hazard Emergency Trends
Z. You J. Chen, H. Yao How Will Pavements Perform on Mars?
C. Gilbertson B. Bulleit, N. Koszykowski Developing Representative Michigan Truck Configurations for Bridge Load Rating
T. Ahlborn A. Mukherjee, C. Brooks, R. Sawtell Development of 3D & 4D Bridge Model Plans
C. Brooks T. Ahlborn, A. Mukherjee, K. Zhang, T. Havens, T. Oommen Implementation of UAVS for Assessment of Traffic Infrastructure
K. Zhang   An Evaluation of Michigan's CCC Distribution