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Exploring the Science of Sustainability: Robustness and Resilience of Coupled Infrastructure and Natural Networks

The current approaches to studying sustainability uses a triple-bottom line approach that accounts for each of the economic, social and environmental impacts of such system separately without explicitly considering the overall performance of the system. At the same time, there has been a growing movement towards adoption of sustainability standards in transportation with the emergence of rating systems such as EnvisionTM that recognize system robustness and resilience as fundamental to achieving sustainability.

Development of Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques for Air Void Size Distribution in Early-Age and Hardened Concrete

 The air void size distribution has significant impacts on mechanical, thermal and transport properties of concrete and long-term durability such as freeze-thaw resistance. Measuring the characteristics of air voids in concrete (especially at early-ages) is thus very important in assessing its long-term durability. Nondestructive ultrasonic technique will be developed for potential concrete mixture quality control both in lab and field applications.

Research Objective:

Novel Optimization Algorithms for Oversaturated Traffic Network Coordination

The objective of this project is to solve the Oversaturated Traffic Network Signal Coordination Planning (OTNSCP) optimization problem, through a new problem formulation and using the recent HGGA optimization method. The long term goal is to developed software tools that model and optimize traffic networks both off-line and online, taking into consideration the network uncertainties and travelers’ behavior.

Building the ENGIN (Exploring Next Generation IN-Vehicle INterfaces) Consortium at MTTI

In the proposed initiative, the PI aims to provide a phased path for an innovative research and educational program at Michigan Tech focused on the driving domain. The proposed effort will eventually lead to a sustainable, officially recognized Driving Research Center under the Michigan Tech Transportation Insitutute MTTI).

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