US DOT Research Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

Sustainable Geotechnical Asset Management along the Transportation Infrastructure Environment Using Remote Sensing

The objective of this proposed study is to establish a sustainable framework for Geotechnical Asset Management (GAM) using remote sensing data that can be used by the state departments of transportation across the US in order to identify and mitigate the failure of geotechnical assets proactively along the transportation infrastructure environment. Developing a sustainable GAM to enable more proactive infrastructure risk assessment is critical for strategic investment and long term management of the United State's transportation infrastructure.

Bridge Condition Assessment Using Remote Sensors

The condition of the nation’s infrastructure has gained increased attention in recent years, primarily as a result of catastrophic events such as the I-35W collapse in Minneapolis. However, deteriorating transportation infrastructure has burdened transportation agencies for many years. Bridges continue to age, and funds for the repair and replacement of this infrastructure are insufficient at current funding levels. Remote sensing technologies, which enables non-contact data collection at great distances, offer the ability to enhance inspection and monitoring of bridges.

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