Research Projects


Rail Crossing Behavior with Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS)

Published Apr 2016 by Dave Nelson

Exploring the Science of Sustainability: Robustness and Resilience of Coupled Infrastructure and Natural Networks

Published Aug 2016 by Amlan Mukherjee

Development of Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques for Air Void Size Distribution in Early-Age and Hardened Concrete

Published Oct 2016 by Zhen Liu, Barbara (Qingli) Dai

Novel Optimization Algorithms for Oversaturated Traffic Network Coordination

Published Aug 2016 by Ossama Abdelkhalik

SusChEM/Collaborative Research: Fundamental Understanding of Foaming Process towards a New Warm Mix Asphalt Technology

Published Aug 2016 by Zhanping You


Building the ENGIN (Exploring Next Generation IN-Vehicle INterfaces) Consortium at MTTI

Published Dec 2017 by Myounghoon (Philart) Jeon


Improvement of Michigan Climatic Files in Pavement ME Design

Published Apr 2015 by Zhanping You, Jacob Hiller , Dave Watkins , Jianping Dong

Sustainable Geotechnical Asset Management along the Transportation Infrastructure Environment Using Remote Sensing

Published Aug 2015 by Thomas Oommen, Colin Brooks , Pasi Lautala , Stan Vitton

Rail Embankment Stabilization Needs on the Hudson Bay Railway

Published Dec 2015 by Thomas Oommen


Eastern Regional Tribal Technical Assistance Program

Published Jan 2019 by John Velat


Impact of High Speed Passenger Trains on Freight Train Efficiency in Shared Railway Corridors

Published Dec 2013 by Kuilin Zhang


Tuning Transatlantic Cooperation in Railway Higher Edcucation

Published Aug 2011 by Pasi Lautala, Bill Sproule


Bridge Condition Assessment Using Remote Sensors

Published Dec 2012 by Theresa (Tess) Ahlborn, Lawrence Sutter , Bob Shuchman , Joe Burns , Colin Brooks


Enhancement of Bridge Decks Through the use of Ultra High Performance Concrete Overlays



Carbon Footprint for HMA and PCC Pavements

Published Jul 2008 by Amlan Mukherjee