Structural Behavior

The MTTI aggregate and geotechnical research area conducts research and testing in soils, aggregates and rock. The MTTI test facilities have traditional research and testing capabilities in soil testing such as permeability, consolidation and triaxial strength testing as well as more advanced equipment for resilient modulus research, ballast testing and high pressure triaxial testing of rock.

Structural Analysis

Our structural load frames can apply vertical or horizontal loads covering a range of load levels, loading rates and frequencies to simulate many loading conditions.

A wide range of instrumentation is available to detect deflections in structures from 0.001" to 10" and rotations through 360 degrees.

Beams, columns, piers, walls, connections and pavement joints are just some of the components tested in our laboratories under real-world loading conditions.

Field Testing

Our researchers are committed to building and maintaining a resilient national transportation infrastructure through field deployment of promising laboratory solutions.

Our lab has equipment for field-testing and deployment of structures, including non-destructive testing and data acquisition.

Remote sensing technologies are being developed in our facility that can capture material behavior without physically contacting structure systems.


Facility Equipment

MTS 315.03 Load Frame with TestStar IIs Controller

1,000 kip capacity

Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar

Dynamic stress/strain testing system

MTS 810 Material Test System with TestStar II Controller

55 kip capacity for specimens up to five feet in height

Hydro-Pneumatic Elecro-Mechanical Creep Frames

Fully automated, equipped with an environmental test chamber - 200 kip capacity

Campbell Scientific CR9000X Measurement and Control System

Portable data logger for field testing

Baldwin Warner & Swasey Compression Testing Machine

300 kip capacity

MTS 244.31 Actuators with 407 Controllers