Building the ENGIN (Exploring Next Generation IN-Vehicle INterfaces) Consortium at MTTI

Project Sponsors: 
Michigan Tech Transportation Institute
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In the proposed initiative, the PI aims to provide a phased path for an innovative research and educational program at Michigan Tech focused on the driving domain. The proposed effort will eventually lead to a sustainable, officially recognized Driving Research Center under the Michigan Tech Transportation Insitutute MTTI). To this end, the PI plans to (1) initiate a collaborative driving research project with like-minded domain experts; (2) expand the scope across the Michigan Tech campus and build an ENGIN (Exploring Next Generation IN-vehicle INterfaces) consortium that can identify and develop additional driving-related research projects together; (3) make continuous efforts to secure external funding for driving-related projects; and (4) develop a more systematic driving education for undergraduates and graduates and K-12 outreach program by lining-up and integrating related courses across departments, hosting regular seminars with invited external speakers, expanding current and developing new outreach programs, and organizing international workshops and conferences.

Coordinating the initiative is Steven Landry, PhD student in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors Graduate Program.

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Project Status: 
In Progress
Project Completion Date: 
December, 2017