Study of Greenhouse Gas Savings Associated with Congestion Reduction Using Multi-Modal Optimization of Timber Shipments in the North Central United States

Sponsor: US Department of Transportation

PI: Pasi Lautala

This study examined industry led models for the optimization of timber shipments in the North Central United States (norther third of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). The research team analyzed optimization models of the delivery of logs to the wood products industry in the region. The research team investigated a multi-modal (rail/truck), surface transportation solution set and performed a sensitivity analysis based on changing energy costs. The team evaluated the potential effects on air emissions before and after the virtual routing optimization. The team also explored options for establishing a rail served super yard in the region to reduce consolidate logs with the object of reducing empty truck miles and increasing rail ton-miles.

A copy of this report can be found on the University of Wisconsin – Superior website.

Pasi Lautala
Pasi Lautala