Sustainable Highway Construction Practices


PI:  Amlan Mukherjee

Subrecipient will perform the following scope of work:  Assist in the literature review, write and conduct an online survey of industry, help plan and participate in an industry workshop, conduct industry interviews, and help write and review reports.

Specifically, this work involves:

Task 1: Literature Review. Assist in the literature review.
Task 2: Gather Information.
Task 3: Summarize/identify gaps. Review written summary by UW.
Task 4: Prepare draft outline. Review draft outline of proposed Guidebook.

Task 5: Prepare interim report. Assist in drafting and reviewing interim report.
Task 6: Identify research agenda. Write the first draft of the research.

Task 7: Prepare final Guidebook. Assist in drafting and reviewing Guidebook.

Task 8: Present results. Review presentation developed by UW.

Task 9: Implementation memo. Review memo drafted by UW.

Task 10: Final report and PPT. Assist in drafting and review final report and

PPT presentation.


Amlan Mukherjee
Amlan Mukherjee