Update and Modernization of the TRAC Program

Sponsor:  Michigan Department of Transportation

PI:  Chris Gilbertson

TRAC™ (Transportation and Civil Engineering) is a hands-on, educational outreach program of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  TRAC is a free program that provides teachers with curriculum enhancing, hands-on tools designed for integration into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

The original TRAC modules were last revised in 2002 and with updated classroom technologies, upgrades to the eight modules are a necessity.  The Center for Technology & Training recently completed a pilot program to reorganize and edit the Bridge Builder manual in close collaboration with the MDOT project manager.  This pilot provides a template for establishing an appropriate design and layout for updating the remaining TRAC modules.

The work plan for this project includes:

  • Reorganize and edit remaining TRAC modules using the Bridge Builder manual as a template (Highway Development and the Environment, Highway Safety, Magnetic Levitation, Motion and the Transportation Engineer, Roadway Design & Construction, and Traffic Technology)
  • Technology updates to the TRAC PAC 2 modules
  • Provide on-going technical support
Chris Gilbertson
Chris Gilbertson